December book haul

I didn’t think I’d be buying any books during the last months of 2013. I honestly didn’t. However, as some of you might have noticed from my Reads and TBR post, in the end of November I decided to reward myself with two books at the end of the semester. And the day has come! The semester is over! To make sure that the novels I wanted would be available, I ordered them to be picked up from my nearest book shop where I collected them yesterday. Hurray!  I’ll be travelling home for Christmas and have decided that these two will be my official holiday reads: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I’m very excited for both of these books although I try not to put the cart before the horse.



And after I had ordered the two books, it was too easy to break the resolve again. Last weekend I was browsing the bookshelves in a charity shop when On Beauty by Zadie Smith caught my eye. It was in prime condition and cost only 2 euros, making the offer too good to be turned down. I’ve not read Zadie Smith before (except for a short excerpt in an ESL text book) but I’ve heard good things about her and I hope to read this book some time in the beginning of next year. Also, it seems that the covers in Zadie Smith’s books are all stunning – take N-W and Changing My Mind for example.


I wish you all have a wonderful Christmas/holiday season and get loads of bookish presents! Cheers!


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