Reading challenge for 2014

1914As I pointed out in my last post, my Goodreads reading challenge for last year was 15 books which I surpassed with the total of 37 books. Thus I’ve decided to set myself new goals for this year and upped my reading goal to 50 books. Yeah!

I could have gone for a higher goal because on average I seem to read 7 books a month, which would mean a total of 84 books in a year. However, I do have a life outside my reading corner and I feel that if I set the goal too high, it might take all the fun out of reading. Also, I do want to read long books that take time (for example, The Song of Ice and Fire series) as well as books that require more thought. So, in order to read 50 books in a year, I should read 4 to 5 books a month, which sounds decent.

In lieu of my reading challenge, I’ve also made a resolution to blog more consistently. In 2014 I will try to post at least 4 reviews each month, along with other posts. This will, however, not mean that I will be reviewing each and every one of the 50 books I read in this year. The reason is that I want to improve my reviews and this won’t happen if I try to force myself to write 400 words of every book that I happen to read.

In 2014 I also hope to take part in other reading challenges. However, I’ve still to figure out what these challenges will be. The blogging community is filled with exciting challenges such as  Jazz Age January hosted by Books Speak Volumes and Classic Children’s Literature year hosted by Simpler Pastimes. A solid companion for those ‘I-don’t-know-what-I-should-read-next’ moments is naturally my long TBR list, of which I’ve now read 56 books out of 254. A fifth! Past year alone, I read almost 20 titles from the list so I hope to continue with the same pace.

Did you make reading resolutions for 2014? Are you taking up a new challenge or continuing with an old one? I’d love to hear what you’re planning for 2014.

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