January-February Book haul

It’s book haul time!

After my last book haul in December, I planned to go easy on the book buying. But sometimes the books find you, not the other way round. The first three books in this haul I got in January (around the same time I did my library haul post), but because there were only three, I didn’t feel that it was enough for a book haul post. But come February and my birthday, the amount of books quickly grew from 3 to 10!

The first of the three books is Forty Years On and Other Plays by Alan Bennett. I picked this up from the book exchange shelf that our department has at the university. Alan Bennett is one of my all time favourite comedians and playwrights, and this collection contains some of his earlier plays. I’m currently reading this and it is absolutely fabulous!

The next two books I found on sale in a bookstore, and they are both in Finnish. Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow by Peter Høeg is actually a Finnish translation of a Danish book. I’ve read a small excerpt of this in school and thought then that the premise of the book was interesting. It tells of a boy who goes missing and his neighbour, Ms Smilla, who starts looking for him after seeing his footprints in the snow. It is crime fiction but the book also explores the differences between Danish and Greenlanders, and the problems that the Greenland immigrants face in Denmark.

Huojuva talo by Maria Jotuni is a piece of Finnish fiction that is set in the time of the World War I. Based on the description, the book is a dark tale of marriage, evil, and cruelty in relationships. It is said to be very dark and, to be honest, I’m a bit daunted by the premise. However, it’s again something that I haven’t read before and might turn out to be very interesting reading experience. Sometimes it’s good to step outside the comfort zone.

Behold the glorious box set of A Song of Ice and Fire! I read the first book, A Game of Thrones back in October and was just stunned by the sheer amount of detail and work that has gone to the book series. However, these books are massive and require a time and place to be read. I initially borrowed my library copy of the first book in July and kept re-loaning it until October. This, however, is not very nice for the other readers, so I’m now happy to own all of the ASOIAF books so that I can read them when I want wherever I want. The Clash of Kings is not on my March TBR, but it will happen sometime this spring!

The other two books I got in February are Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf and Dial M for Murdoch by Tom Watson and Martin Hickman. I’ve never read anything by Virginia Woolf and as Mrs. Dalloway is on my ultimate TBR list, I didn’t hesitate to buy this copy of the book – it was only two euros! Dial M for Murdoch deals with the scandal that surfaced in 2011 when the widespread corruption of the News of the World empire was revealed. During my exchange in England in 2012, the debate on press regulation was a hot topic and I’ve actually read 20 odd pages of the Leveson report. It’s a fascinating topic and I look forward to reading this book.

So this is all for my first book haul of the year. Let me know if you’ve read any of these and what were your thoughts on them. Cheers! x


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