Bout of Books 12.0

Bout of Books

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, January 5th and runs through Sunday, January 11th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 12 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog.

– From the Bout of Books team

It’s that time of the year again – Bout of Books January readathon! Last year I took part in the Bout of Books 9.0 that was held around the same time, and had a blast with it. However, none of the later dates really suited my schedules, so here we are – a year later and ready to read again. This year the Bout of Books team has decided to exclude the official Goals post, to keep the event more laid-back and positive. Participants can set themselves goals if they want to, but there is no pressure to do so. I did consider setting some specific goals, such as last year’s “Read two books”, but to be honest I don’t know if that would motivate me in the right way. Thus my goal for the Bout of Books 12.0 is this: Read every day.

Even though I went to a little blogging spree during the past week, I still have some posts and reviews that need to be written, and I don’t want to add any pressure on that by reading more books that then need to be reviewed. So I’m going to take the easy way with this readathon, and focus more on reading as well as discovering new blogs and bloggers. I will try my best to post updates throughout the week, but I probably won’t take part in any of the daily challenges (not really my kind of thing, I’m afraid).

But what will I be reading? I’m currently in the middle of two books: The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco and Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. However, I probably will be finished with Throne of Glass by Monday, so I hope to pick up either The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Other Short Stories (my Jazz Age January choice), The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society or Wilde’s The Woman of No Importance to read on the side. Maybe.

Will you be participating in the Bout of Books 12.0 and if so, what do you plan on reading?


6 thoughts on “Bout of Books 12.0

  1. Read every day is a good goal. The more you plan, the less you’re motivated… Still, I hope you will pick up The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society because it’s an amazing, heart-warming book — and there will be a moving coming out I-don’t-know-when! Good luck for the boutofbooks :).

    • Agreed! Especially in the beginning of the year it’s easy to go overboard with plans and resolutions, so I’m trying to take it easy. And thanks for recommending The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society – I’ll definitely read it in January!

  2. Excellent book choices! I’m trying to read every day too, because when I’m at college in Chicago I read every day on the train. But when I’m on break at home in Minnesota (now) I don’t have that sweet sweet commuting time. I need to get back into reading a lot regularly! I scrolled through your blog a bit and you have really good taste in books, so I’ll be following your bout of books journey. Have fun!

    • Thank you! Commuting time is perfect for reading, but I hope you’ll also get to use some of your break to reading good books! Good luck with your Bout of books!

  3. Oooh, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society should be a great read-a-thon read. Or I do hope you’ll find it so. It has such engaging characters that make it fly by and hard to put down! Good luck with the rest of the read-a-thon! 😀

    • I started reading it yesterday and I’m really liking the epistolary style! It’s definitely one that I could fly through 🙂 Good luck with your readathon as well!

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